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Lyme Disease Detox:
Healing Your Life after
Being Diagnosed with Lyme Disease

Our Story Begins...

Did you know that over 35,000 new cases of Lyme Disease are reported every year? It seems there’s no stopping this debilitating disease from affecting so many lives. 

The CDC has announced that the number of people diagnosed each year with Lyme disease has climbed to approximately half a million, which is a jump of 59% over the 300,000 estimate previously listed on the CDC’s website. This is based on new research in two studies in the publication Emerging Infectious Diseases.

When diagnosed with Lyme Disease a decision must be made in how to go about treating it. In 2016, I too was given the tough choice of needing to explore the right treatments. This is where our “R” story begins…

Ticks are Tiny and Can Be Difficult To See but Once You Have Been Bitten They Can Have a Very Big Impact on Your Health

Like many others, I was unaware of the importance of getting treatment right away. By the time that I was diagnosed, four months had passed and my condition had turned into chronic Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Coinfections and Mold Toxicity

If not diagnosed at an early stage, Lyme disease can become chronic and lead to more severe illnesses.  In late June of 2016, I had gotten bit by a lone deer tick and this incident turned my life upside down. At first, I didn’t even feel or notice the tick as it buried its head into my back. Then, I noticed that something was stuck to my shirt and as I explored further, I found the tick lodged deep into my skin.

I was with my friends at the time and thought I could fix things by getting rid of the tick. This obviously wasn’t the case. With the tick now removed, I carried on with my day – not knowing what was to follow. Before getting bit by the tick, we found mold in the house and had to remove and remodel it. Living in a moldy house was detrimental to my health and affected my immune system. I was unaware of Lyme disease and worse still, was misdiagnosed with MS. I learned about Lyme Disease after going over notes about mold and quickly realized that the symptoms closely matched with mine. I got tested both at the ER and my doctor – which came back negative both times. Not satisfied with the results, I got a test done at a lab I was told to try which then came back positive. The test had also shown I had co-infections such as Bartonella and Babesia.

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The Healing Journey And Finding The Path To Better Health

Once I found out I had Lyme Disease and realized that it brought about multiple co-infections, it was time to act fast. I began researching all day and night looking for answers. After much thought and consideration I decided not to take any antibiotics but decided to adopt a more natural and holistic approach. This led me to the Cowden Support Program.

Over the next few months, I began healing and regaining my health and strength. I made drastic changes to my diet by cutting out sugar, wheat, gluten, and dairy. But I still felt that I was missing something. I was aware that detoxing through the skin by sweating was a recommended treatment so I began to look more into it.

 This is when I found the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, met Philip and Jana, began to use the sauna and started seeing immediate and lasting changes in my health. I truly believe that Relax Sauna has played a pivotal role in my healing journey. This is the reason why I too have become so passionate about recommending it to others. 

This is a great way to flush out those toxins and heavy metals and assist your body in the recovery process on an intra and extracellular level. 

Far Infrared Ray light therapy has been shown to boost the immune system, help reduce pain and inflammation, increase oxygen-rich blood flow, and so much more.

Why The Relax Sauna?

Lyme Disease And Far Infrared Sauna

This disease is transmitted to humans when bitten by infected deer ticks. Early symptoms include rashes, headaches, fevers, chills, and if allowed to progress, may progress into arthritis, neurological disorders, and cardiac illnesses.

Lyme Spirochetes and coinfections are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. They do not like the pulsating vibration, heat, and electromagnetic frequency of the far-infrared ray light penetrating deep into the tissues. Using the powerful Relax Far Infrared Sauna helps break down biofilms, expose the bacterium, kill them and drown them out of places they like to hide. Moreover, herbs, medicine, and the immune system can help eliminate and detox pathogens from the body.

Parasympathetic Nervous System

Many of those with Lyme Disease often get stuck in fight or flight mode. This causes someone to feel anxious, agitated, nervous, hyper aroused and unable to relax. Using the Relax Sauna For just 15 to 20 mins at a time can help lower and balance cortisol levels, reduce stress, activate the autonomic nervous system putting one back into the parasympathetic state of rest and allowing for the body to begin to regenerate and heal.

Lyme disease

A day without Rsauna is like a day without Sunshine!

Your Life. Your Choice. Your Path,
To Better Health.

Boosts Metabolism

Far Infrared Energy pulsates the water molecules in the body, and breaks down the water molecule clusters. This helps release and expel fat, toxins, and heavy metals that lie within the organs, fascia, and tissues.

Reverses The Aging Process

Americans have a habit of sitting for extended periods, often over-eat, have an overall sedentary lifestyle, and are often susceptible to chronic diseases and aging. The FIR Sauna can increase the metabolic rate, reverse the aging process, and enhance beauty.

Activates Immune System

Activates immune system and enhances killer T-cells and white blood cell function helping to break down and destroy infected and diseased cells.


Relax Sauna®

Burns Calories

The Relax Sauna® can produce 2 to 3 times to sweat than other FIR Saunas. Arthur Guyton’s textbook says that producing1 gram of sweat burns 568 calories. Using the sauna for 15 minutes could easily burn about 600 calories, the equivalent of running 4-6 miles or doing a 45-minute cardiovascular workout.

Enhances Detoxification

The Relax Sauna® can open up the pores in the body and release the toxins that are building up inside. It can clean up the body and reduce the workload of the body in removing toxins. We have dozens of testimonies indicating its effectiveness.

Quicker Muscle Recovery Time

The Relax Sauna® speeds up muscle recovery time after any type of exercise, workout, sports, and other intense physical activity.

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Seven testimonials describing how amazing the Relax Sauna is from their own personal experiences. Plus, how the Relax Sauna is “prescribed” to their patients as part of a detoxification program.

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We are passionate about good health! We are here to support you through your journey to better health.

Your Life. Your Choice. Your Path, To Better Health.

    Relax - Rebuild - Recover - Rejuvenate

    Relax While You Detox

    Although there are multiple ways to detox from Lyme Disease. We have found the Relax Sauna to be the most powerful and effective way to break up and remove toxins from deep within the tissues and organs of the body including the Brain. These include many environmental toxins like aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, radon, formaldehyde and more, but also include endotoxins released from the pathogens related to Lyme.

    Feeling Good Brings Joy

    As I began to use the Relax Sauna, I felt the joy returning into my life. Every time that I am in the Sauna, I am in a state of euphoria as it increases endorphins and brings the parasympathetic nervous system back into balance. You can use the Sauna with your clothes on and also for shorter sessions as well. Most people think every time you use the Sauna you have to be in there naked for twenty five minutes and sweat, but this is not the case. You can also use it for 5 to 10 minutes at a time and still receive a lot of benefits that Far Infrared Light has to offer.

    Never Give Up! & Continue To Have Hope!

    Staying optimistic and having a more positive outlook is necessary and essential while recovering and continuing your Journey on the path to better health.


    Wishing You Good Health And Happiness


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