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What is Far Infrared Ray or FIR?

Far Infrared ray energy is a natural part of the sunlight spectrum, minus the UV skin-damaging. That is why spacecraft from NASA utilizes this heat. It has already become a revolutionized product in Europe & Asia.

It is a ray of light energy from the sun. It is in the category of Infrared Rays in the light spectrum family, but we cannot see Far Infrared the same as Ultra Violet Rays because of their long wavelength to human eyes. This energy is Beneficial & Essential to all human beings.

It can radiate, penetrate, reflect & refract and because of the profound penetration ability, every human body can absorb Far Infrared Ray. When FIR pierce or penetrates our skin into subcutaneous tissues, it converts into heat energy from light energy. The thermal effects in the deep tissue layers will cause capillaries and blood vessels to expand or dilate and give blood circulation through our entire body system. And the heat produced by FIR will get to our metabolic wastes and flushes out our body toxins through sweating.

Near-Infrared ray

0.75~1.5 micron

Middle-Infrared ray

1.5~5.6 micron

Far-Infrared ray

5.6~1000 micron

Far Infrared Products

Far Infrared Products can facilitate detoxification in our body system and helps our body cells to release chemicals and heavy metals contaminants through our skin.

Infrared sauna treatment therapy regimen helps a variety of ways in terms of Lyme disease infections.

Chemicals and heavy metals contaminants in our body deplete our immune system and could be grounds for infections. Another way infrared sauna can offer is it raises our body temperature, which helps kill viruses and bacteria that we might have in our body.

This Far Infrared Saunas will help to detoxify our body & expel those toxins that currently inhabit our body. One of the most effective methods to detoxify and in removing toxins is through sweating. Compared to traditional saunas, infrared sauna can significantly eliminate toxins as the heat can penetrate deeper into our tissues, muscles, etc. These products are leaf aggressive compared to the traditional steam saunas.

Here are far infrared products that help us to detoxify and relieve our pain.

Relax Sauna Black Edition – Portable Infrared Sauna

This model has a far-infrared generator that retains heat & and reflects FAR infrared rays. The interior inert nylon tent antimicrobial mold-resistant is impregnated with silver reflecting the infrared light throughout the sauna. It penetrates our tissues, organs, bones, and muscles in our body. Whether a mental, autoimmune disorder or physical health condition problem may be the affliction, we feel that Far Infrared light can help them. We suggest exercise, proper nutritional supplements, electrolyte replacement, hydration, mineralization, and a healthy diet along with this sauna therapy. These modalities can help speed up relief recovery and also optimize the condition of our healing process.

Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna – Sit up Model

This sauna is the most potent infrared portable original sauna, equipped with patented far infrared generators that heat up faster and reach the fastest sweating time than any other traditional sauna. You can have a sauna in the comfort of your hotel room, home, and as well as in your office or just anywhere you can imagine.

It is advisable to use 2- 3 times a week and 20 minutes per session to begin to see a tremendous positive result of the therapy. The inert nylon antimicrobial mold is impregnated with silver that allows evenly and thoroughly reflection of the far-infrared light and penetrates our organs, tissues, muscles, and bones in our body.

This personal sauna is a powerful, compact, portable,energy-efficient, affordable, lightweight, non-toxic, and effective treatment therapy sauna and ideal for those who suffer from Leam disease.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna – Lie Down Model

Relax Infrared Lie Down Model Sauna will heat as fast as 30 sec to a minute, which is faster than any other infrared saunas. This product will allow us to get full sweat in time compared to different saunas heating up.

The sauna silver mat and the dome tent are designed to natural far-infrared light and eventually reflect entirely in the infrared sauna.

Product Size: 64 inches x 30 inches x 18inches
Weight: 18 pounds
Power: 800W
Voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V

The product includes an FIR generator, silver lay-down reflective mat, air pump, sauna tent, pillow, and carrying bag.

Far infrared heat therapy is a proven and tested tool to use in our health system. We suggest exercise, hydration, a healthy diet, proper nutrition supplements, mineralization, and proper electrolyte replacement while having far-infrared light heat therapy. These combined modalities will speed up our recovery and relief and can optimize our healing process.

Relax Far Infrared Lamp – The Sky Eye – Far Infrared Medical Lamp

This medical infrared grade lamp uses the same patented radiator as the Relax far infrared sauna.

The infrared rays of this infrared lamp allow us to heal a particular part of our body, like diabetes, ulcer, and wounds. The infrared lights increase our blood circulation and heal wounds faster.

It is advisable to use this lamp 20 minutes per session and 2 to 3 times a week to see a good result.

Many people who tried FIR products for the first time experience immediate significant positive relief and results that they have not found in any treatment or anywhere else.

These products can debilitate parasites, infect diseases, and kill unwanted organisms in our bodies. We know that Lyme disease is sensitive and cannot survive the heat. While it may not get rid of all those parasites together, these infrared products give a significant relief, and you are using a non-toxic method to lower the effects of the painful disease.

According to some healthcare providers and researchers, far infrared therapy is ideal for Lyme disease symptoms. With the exclusive sun-lighten full spectrum custom infrared sauna, people who have Lyme disease infection can take advantage of far infrared sauna detox therapy.

It is always more important to have guidance from a doctor who knows more about Lyme disease.

Relax Infrared Table Lamp Therapy

This portable therapy lamp has the same type of radiator as the Relax Sauna. This infrared lamp has many uses and has a power of 200 watts that would be great for your desk to have infrared light anytime.

Most beauticians use this infrared lamp to promote elastin and collagen production in the skin. It has a significant impact on blood circulation in our hands and fingers. It is also a great companion to our Relax infrared sauna.

This infrared lamp provides a far-infrared energy wavelength that is compatible and is suitable to be absorbed in our human body. It has a high Durability, Lightweight, Energy Efficient, Powerful, Portable, Compact, Effective, Heats up in seconds, and made to last for years.

Power: 200W
Product Size: 10 inches x 6.5 inches x 8inches
Weight: 4 LB
Voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V

This product has a stable base, flexible gooseneck, and easy to adjust to any focus location.