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When it comes to choosing or creating a protocol there are many options available one can choose from. This can be something your doctor puts together for you or it can be something you set out to create on your own.

These days many individuals are finding solutions online and for some they will try different products and combinations of different modalities
to create such a protocol. This can consist of a dedicated plan that can last for a period of time but is subject to change. With Lyme Disease and coinfections, it is common for many to try more than one protocol before going into remission or recovering from the many symptoms that can accompany the disease.

The things that we believe that have been shown to be helpful consist of a combination of nutritional products, diet change, a positive mental outlook, finding a good llmd and support system with family friends and others who are going through a similar experience.

It is also important to connect with those who have been where you are and have positive success stories to inspire you to keep going and never give up as you recover and begin to see improvements with your symptom’s and overall health.

Here are some products we found to be helpful tools in assisting the body
in our personal recovery protocols

The NutraMedix products
Cowden support program
Medicrystal Mats

Along with nutritional, vitamins, herbs and some of the tools mentioned above we believe that positive affirmations, meditation, prayer, and continuing to have faith are also very important in the healing process of the mind body and spirit.

We also believe that learning to let go of past trauma and hurt and being able to forgive yourself and others can have an impact as well.


Drinking smoothies every morning for breakfast with greens, berries, gelatin, collagen and added powdered green super foods along with drinking bone broth and having a salad every day for lunch had become an important part of my new diet. For dinner I would have only grass-fed beef or Bison meat on a daily basis with lots of garlic and onion and steamed vegetables. This is what I stuck to for about a year and a half before I began to introduce other foods back into my diet. Many people with Lyme can and will develop food sensitivities, there is a food allergy test that you can take that will show what you may be allergic to helping you to make the proper adjustments.

Healing Past Trauma and Releasing Past Hurt

For Many having a counselor, pastor, therapist or some type of life coach to guide you through the process of releasing and letting go of past trauma is needed. Working with someone who is trained in this type of therapy can be very helpful.

Moral and Psychological Support

Family and friends support, and love is so important and can have a big impact on the level of someone’s healing journey but having support from those who have experienced Lyme Disease and what you’re going through can have an even bigger impact. Connecting with those who have struggled like you can help you to find hope and the rhyme or reason for such a horrific condition that is affecting so many lives every year across the globe. It is good to focus on talking with other people who have been able to go into remission, recover and get back to living a more functional and enjoyable life once again.


Anything you can do to laugh is also very healing. We all know that laughter is great medicine. Try to watch some funny videos and movies, and listen to comedians . If possible, hang out with funny people or look up some jokes. Laughing increases oxygen rich air into your lungs, heart and muscles and also increases endorphins in your brain slows down your stress response and decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. We can all use more laughter!

Negative thinking

Thinking negative thoughts can also create a chemical reaction in your body increasing stress, depleting chemicals in the brain and upsetting the body’s hormone balance while at the same time causing damage to the immune system.

Stay Positive

Being around positive people and staying positive yourself is so important if you want to bring your body back into balance. Try to look at the success stories of others who have gotten better and are doing the things they used to do and for some even more. Listen to and watch videos with positive affirmations, your words have power and have an effect on your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Never Give Up

If there is anything that can take you to your knees in this world it would have to be Lyme disease. For the Lyme Warrior there is no surrender, we must persevere and stay on the path that leads to better health. For many of us this can take some time and for some even up to years. Remember every little step you take counts and in time you look back and see how far you have come. Victory over Lyme in our eyes is possible. Some people may call this remission or say it’s dormant. We believe our bodies are tough and can heal, regenerate and recover from almost anything. Keep the faith and Never Give Up!