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Non-Intoxicating 100% THC Free

With Covid 19 Changing the World as we Know it, And For Those With Lyme Boosting Your Immune System Is Key In Protecting The Body Against Virus.











Nutrition At The Highest Standard

  • CBD Full Spectrum/Whole Plant
  • NO Artificial Ingredients
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • Tasteless
  • 99% absorption FAST

We are still discovering new cannabinoids, and we are just now learning about how they affect the immune system and body. While we understand that CBD can influence how our immune system works, we can’t always predict what will happen when it does. Currently, the body utilizes two different methods of finding and destroying dangerous pathogens by way of our immune system:

  • Cell-Mediated Immunity: T-Cells in the body look for foreign antigens and bring on a method of killing these foreign antigens.
  • Humoral Immunity: The B-cells in the body create various antibodies as a way to find and destroy pathogens that are a threat.


Help Reduce Auto Immune And Inflammatory Responses

As cannabinoids are available in various systems of the body, the immune system also tends to work optimally by the functions performed by endocannabinoids.

Though additional research is required in order to study the relation of the immune system with the endocannabinoid system, it is still concluded that targeted cannabinoids like CBD help in reducing autoimmune responses and inflammatory responses which are the main reason for sclerosis, cancer, and HIV.

Cili CBD/CBG is a 100% THC free CBD Oil. There is no taste of any cannabis in the products at all. This formula was created by Dr.s and is a pharmaceutical grade CBD that is Aquaceutical water encapsulated and nano sized product for complete and total cellular absorption there by providing for extra nutritional value.

Weight Loss Spray Coming Soon!

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